Fiber-optic in Asten-Raffelstetten

Liwest starts the expansion in Asten-Raffelstetten and offers the citizens soon the fastest Internet. With Nano-Trench, minimal excavation work is done during the expansion process, resulting in faster processing and fewer obstacles.

NANO_TRENCH® at the CEBIT 2018

GIGA - powerful and significant, Vodafone starts into the future with glass fiber. We are a part of it and present the Nano_Trench Technology together with Vodafone at the CEBIT 2018 in Hanover.

Extension in Waidhofen

Together with other countries in Ybbstal, Waidhofen was selected as a pilot region for the broadband offensive of the state of Lower Austria. Parts of the work for the large-scale broadband expansion in Waidhofen are executed with NANO-Trench-technology.

Project succesfully

Fast internet in hanover earlier than expected. 

600 meters of fiber optic cable in just one day.

Start project in hanover

"Less construction time, less costs and faster expansion" - that's what the city hopes for from the Vodafone project. By Nano-Trench procedures, the fiber-optic cables will be laid on approximately 700 meters of the Kugelfangtrift on 14 March 2018.

"Plan and build the network you need through the possibilities you have"


Österreichische Glasfaser Verlegungs GmbH

 Mühlstrasse 14 | 3340 Waidhofen an der Ybbs | Austria

Tel: +43 7442 520 85

Fax: +43 7442 520 85 31

E-Mail: office@nano-trench.com

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