Who we are

We are a young, committed and innovative company from the south-west of Lower Austria and active in the expansion of fiber optic networks. As a turnkey provider, we are a reliable partner for national and international telecommunication companies as well as for network owners and operators in the upgrading of telecommunication networks.

What we do

You have a project, we do it.

From planning to construction, to documentation, we offer a complete service or even individual areas for FTTX projects. A perfect planning, cooperation, efficient and timely implementation and the satisfaction of the client are in the foreground. The focus is on efficiency in all areas.

How we do

Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly. We have set ourselves the goal supporting the fiber optics expansion with our own innovations and, together with other alternatives and standard construction methods, to make the best possible progress. We are of the opinion that a multi-technology mix of time and cost-efficiency is necessary to achieve this.

Modern, fast and efficient methods for expansion are profitable. The volume of data is doubled every two years. The solution is a nationwide broadband network based on fiber optics. The fiber network is nowadays the technical backbone of a country and is crucial for economic development and society as a whole. The basis for this is a high-performance network infrastructure with fiber optics. It is therefore of great importance that the expansion is progressing rapidly, which in turn leads to high investments and therefore innovation is needed. We are an innovative company and are developing, among other things, the alternative construction method Nano-Trench (slit trench).

"There was a time when

road connection and power supply

was important


there are

fiber networks"

Through multi-technology mix of construction methods to success



slit trenching,  plowing,

aerial cable,  drilling,  digging,

displacement drift, sewer,

cable coring,  inliner,

faecal passageway, etc.


Modern and fast alternatives are just as important in the construction of

new fiber networks as conventional


Our USP or what makes us different

The way

to the


society ;-)



How network expansion

secures future innovations


Austrian fiber laying & Nano_Trench

The unique step in the slit trench ensures safety, the pipes are protected against vertical pressure by the resulting support surface. At the same time, the step section does not penetrate the fixed surface of the asphalt layer and thus does not destroy the road substructure.

Independent construction work, whether city center, border districts, highways, streets, community roads or cycle paths. With a daily average of 500 m per day per team.
Low traffic influence, since the traffic continues to flow with only slight impairment between the work steps. No restrictions in the construction progress due to the weather, except for snow-covered road.

An important aspect, no surprises in the construction costs. We are 100% calculable with our innovative construction method.
Rapid, precise planning and routing of the empty piping through the given road network.
The ecological aspect is also important. With over 90% CO2 savings compared to the conventional installation.

Make alternatives to the standard and the standard to the alternative

The enormous pace of the

digitization is challenging everyone.

Who wants to break into the gigabit society needs fiber.


News from us

and general interesting things

are here...

"Plan and build the network you need through the possibilities you have"


Österreichische Glasfaser Verlegungs GmbH

 Mühlstrasse 14 | 3340 Waidhofen an der Ybbs | Austria

Tel: +43 7442 520 85

Fax: +43 7442 520 85 31

E-Mail: office@nano-trench.com

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