Push the Red Button

In mid-July, after a few weeks of effective construction, the "red button" was pressed. Jan Michael Pichler (2.f.l.), CEO of Österr. Glasfaser Verlegung, and Mayoress Birgit Göbhardt (4th from left) started up with Vodafone the new FTTH network of Üchtelhausen.

Österreichische Glasfaser Verlegung und Nano_Trench für 1&1Versatel

New technologies

In order to prevent Germany from falling further in the broadband sector, telecommunication providers have to become more widespread. Against this backdrop, 1&1 Versatel in Essen has used the nano-trench technology for the laying of fiber-optic cables instead of classical civil engineering.

Innovative family

The latest technology from the Austrian family business supports the economical network expansion and thus offers a further innovative alternative.

Breko 2016 & 2017

The Österreichische Glasfaser Verlegung is a guest at the Breko, the largest German fiber exhibition. The members of the German Broadband Communication Association (BREKO) clearly point to the future-proof fiber and are currently responsible for more than 60 percent of the competitive expansion with direct fiber optic connections (FTTB / FTTH).

Österreichische Glasfaser Verlegung und Nano_Trench auf der BREKO 2016 und 2017

Since 2010 in use

A1 Telekom Austria made Siegenfeld in Lower Austria to a fiber village. As part of a pilot project, Siegenfeld was already equipped with fiber glass in 2010 and the approximately 200 households in the municipality could use high-speed internet with more than 30 Mbps since then.

Nano_Trench seit 2010 im Einsatz

A village surfs...

The small town of Siegenfeld was already equipped with fiber as part of a pilot project of A1 Telekom Austria in 2010. By means of Nano-Trench, the fiber cables were simply laid in the street of the 600-inhabitants village. And 2017, Siegenfeld is still surfing.

Nano_Trench seit mehr als 7 Jahren problemlos in der Straße

"Plan and build the network you need through the possibilities you have"


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